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Is The Modern World Falling Prey To False Beauty Standards? 

I was always fascinated with models walking on the ramp. As a kid, I loved watching Fashion TV for hours

My Story Of  Self – Acceptance & Body Positivity

I was always an average looking child. Slightly on the heavier side. Dusky skin. Thick Eyebrows. My mother never really

10 Indian Household Ingredients That Can Be A Perfect Replacement For All Chemical Cosmetics

In the modern age, the dependency on chemical cosmetics is a bitter pill which we have to accept. India is

10 Reasons How Yoga Can Help You Take Charge Of Your Life

Yoga is an age-old  scientific practice, which has been passed down from one generation to another. While today, a lot

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Not too long ago, I remember using a newly invented platform called “Orkut”. It wasn't

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